Apartheid ‘Israel’ to vaccinate foreign workers except Palestinians – In Palestine Today

Apartheid ‘Israel’ to vaccinate foreign workers except Palestinians

Occupied Palestine (In Palestine Today)- The lawyer Jinan Abdo from occupied Haifa sent an urgent letter to the Israeli Ministry of Health regarding a decision to exclude Palestinian workers, who have work permits, from an Israeli vaccination campaign against COVID-19 targeting foreign workers.

The Israeli decision comes although the ministry ordered to provide the vaccine to foreign workers in the occupied land, making it a clearly racist decision against native Palestinians.

In her letter, Abdo said that the decision “puts the lives of Palestinian workers in risk”.

“The decision is racist as it excludes Palestinians on the basis of nationality”, she added.

The Israeli Ministry of Health has been discussing the possibility to vaccinate Palestinian workers with Moderna’s COVID-19 vaccine, according to Kan Israeli radio.

A report by Bloomberg stated that the occupation state is stocking up vaccines while depriving native Palestinians of vaccination.

Last week, the Palestinian ministry of health said that Israeli authorities blocked the entry of the first shipment of COVID-19 vaccine into Gaza, depriving nearly 2 million besieged Palestinians in Gaza of the vaccine.

Source: QNN


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