‘Israel’ to seize 300 dunums of Palestinian land in Jericho

Israeli occupation authorities on Tuesday handed Palestinian citizens in Arab al-Mleihat community, northwest of Jericho, notices to seize 300 dunums of privately-owned land.

Palestinian residents of Arab al-Mleihat said that they were handed the confiscation notices by an Israeli settler from Mevo’ot Yeriho settlement, which is built illegally on Palestinian land.

They noted that Mevo’ot Yeriho settlers in early June attempted to raze the targeted lands to expand their settlement, but hundreds of Palestinians staged a protest and prevented settler bulldozers from implementing the plan.

The Palestinian residents of Arab al-Mleihat are harassed and threatened with displacement almost every day by Israeli authorities and settlers, but they refuse to leave their homes and lands despite the pressure and regular land seizure and home demolition campaigns.

Source: PIC

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