In Palestine Today – In Palestine Today
    June 26, 2022

    For 177 days in row, Palestinian administrative detainees boycott Israeli Military Courts

    Occupied Palestine (In Palestine Today)- Over 600 Palestinian administrative detainees in Israeli prisons have been boycotting Israeli Military Courts for…
    June 26, 2022

    62% jump in settlement construction under current gov’t, Peace Now says

    RAMALLAH (In Palestine Today)- The anti-settlement watch group, Peace Now, has said that Israel’s settlement construction in the occupied Palestinian…


      October 3, 2021

      Israeli occupation wrecks wedding dreams in Gaza

      Gaza(In Palestine Today)- Muhammad al-Hindi learned the terrible news on Facebook. His fiancée Hadeel Arafa had been killed in an…
      September 25, 2021

      Israeli occupation commits hidden water war against Palestinians in South Hebron Hills

      Hebron (In Palestine Today)- Abu Hani and his family live only two kilometers from the Israeli settlement outpost of Avigayil…
      September 20, 2021

      Israel’s May assault causes injuries to Animals as bomb rained down

      Gaza (In Palestine Today)- Israel’s assault on Gaza in May wrought a heavy human toll. But, in this crowded and…
      August 6, 2021

      Gaza’s students are still trying to rebuild their lives after Israel’s brutal bombing campaign in May

      Gaza (In Palestine Today)- As Palestinian high school students celebrate their success in the Tawjihi exams and plan for the…
      July 21, 2021

      Israeli occupation forces destroy Palestinian-owned structures by day, settlers burn it by night

      Hebron (In Palestine Today)- On June 1, Israeli settlers attacked the village of Tuba in the occupied West Bank and…
      July 16, 2021

      Childhood in besieged Gaza Strip unlike anywhere else in world

      Gaza (In Palestine Today)- Childhood in the Gaza Strip is unlike anywhere else in the world. Here, every ten-year-old has…