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Israeli occupation closes the investigation of child losing his eye

Occupied Jerusalem (In Palestine Today)_ The Israeli occupation authorities (IOA) closed on Thursday the investigation file of shooting the child Malik Issa from al-Issawiya town in Jerusalem last February causing the loss of his eye.

Eyewitnesses to the crime confirmed that the Israeli police fired at the child Issa without clashes or stones thrown before that, contrary to the documentation published by the IOA at the time.

The Israeli policeman claimed that he had shot and hit a wall to recharge his weapon.

According to police instructions, it is forbidden to fire sponge bullets at children and that they should only be fired at the lower part of the body of adults.

On February 23, doctors removed Issa’s eye. Issa’s mother, Sawsan, said that doctors had to remove her son’s eye following several unsuccessful treatment attempts.

She stressed that the Israeli policeman deliberately shot her child and hit him directly in the eye while he was getting off the school bus in front of his house, confirming that there were no clashes in that area when he was hit.

“There were no clashes or confrontations. There was no justification for shooting Malek. What happened mirrors the Israeli soldiers’ hatred and disregard for the lives of Palestinians, including children”, she added.

Issa’s father said in a video which was published by the Wadi Hilweh Information Center, “Malik’s injury was fatal. He escaped death but lost his sight in the left eye. He was cured of his brain injury but he will never see again in his left eye even if it is not removed because it is bleeding internally.”

Source: The Palestinian Information Center


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