Deteriorations in the humanitarian, economic and health situation in Gaza

Gaza’s Popular’s Committee to Face the Siege, confirmed, on Friday, the deterioration of the humanitarian, economic and health situation in the Gaza Strip due to the continuous Israeli siege for the fourteenth year in a row, stressing that the Corona pandemic further deteriorated the situation.

Jamal Al-Khudari, the Chairman of the Popular’s Committee Against the Siege, stated, in a press statement that arrived SAFA, that the blockade and Corona threaten food security of about 80% of families in Gaza.

He pointed to the high rates of poverty and unemployment to above dangerous levels, “where more than 80% live below the poverty line, and the unemployment rate among the youth has risen to 70%, which is a high percentage considering that the Palestinian society is a young society.”

He indicated that the economic collapse is represented by a decline in the production rate in factories to 20%, pointing to the deterioration of the economic situation of day laborers and owners of shops and workshops, who were greatly affected by measures to overcome Corona.

He reiterated that what more than two million people of Gaza live in is a collective punishment imposed by the occupation and constitutes a war crime.

Source: Safa News

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