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413 Palestinians arrested by ‘Israel’ during November

Prisoners and Human Rights Institutions confirmed that the Israeli occupation forces arrested 413 Palestinians from the Occupied Palestinian Territory during last November, among them 49 children and 7 women.

Prisoners ‘and Human Rights Institutions indicated; in a fact sheet issued today, Saturday, that the occupation authorities have arrested (157) Palestinians from Jerusalem, (40) Palestinians from Ramallah and Al-Bireh, (74) Palestinians from Hebron, and (31) Palestinians from Jenin and Bethlehem (33) Palestinians, while (30) citizens were arrested from Nablus and from Tulkarm (18) citizens, (18) citizens from Qalqilya, three citizens from Jericho, (7) citizens from Tubas, a citizen from Salfit, in addition to a citizen from Gaza.

According to the same factsheet, the number of Palestinian detainees in the occupation prisons during November reached nearly (4,400) prisoners, of whom (41) were female prisoners, while the number of child detainees reached nearly (170) children, and the administrative detainees amounted to (380). The number of administrative detention orders issued is (102), administrative detention orders (47) are new and (55) extended.

The Israeli occupation carried out policies against Palestinian detainees and their families during November, most notably: the policy of collective punishment, transforming the Coronavirus into a tool of suppression and abuse against prisoners, and deliberate medical negligence (slow killing), and on Jerusalem, which faces the highest rate of arrests per month and systematic harassment and revenge operations .

Source : Days of Palestine


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