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‘Israel’ targets activists to enforce its sovereignty

Israel continues its attempts to enforce a full sovereignty on the occupied Jerusalem and resolve its cause, targeting any political scene or any Palestinian activity that plays a big role in defending the city and its holy mosque, and faces its racist procedures.

Israel has lately escalated its attacks against Jerusalemites either by stalking the citizens, arresting them, deporting them from Jerusalem and Al-Aqsa mosque, preventing them from travelling, and delivering them demolition orders against their houses.

According to Wadi Hilweh Information Center, Israel issued 21 deportation decisions against Jerusalemites, including 17 ones against Al-Aqsa mosque, imposed restrictions on activists and their movement in the city, called some of them for investigations, and prevented them from taking part in any activity inside the city.

Israeli Incursion

Head of the committee of detainees’ families, Amjad Abusaab, says to Safa Press Agency that an Israeli incursion in Jerusalem targets the Palestinians, particularly Jerusalemites activists, through stalking, arresting, and deporting them.

“Israel fights all the political scenes of Jerusalem. Through Israel’s attacks against the Jerusalemites, it seeks to achieve its goals of enforcing sovereignty over Jerusalem and resolving Jerusalem’s cause”, he said.

He added: “Israel uses what’s left of Donald Trump’s rule to make big changes in Jerusalem’s cause by keeping its plans and brutal attacks against the Jerusalemites.”

He also stated that Israel aims to silence the voices advocating Jerusalem and Al-Aqsa mosque in which Israel fights all Palestinian actions either political, cultural or social.

Israel targets activists and freed prisoners who perform any kind of activity related to Al-Aqsa mosque; group breakfasts, organizing visits to Al-Aqsa mosque, helping people, and cleaning streets.

Source : Safa


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