‘Israel’ committed 43 violations against Palestinian journalists last month – In Palestine Today

‘Israel’ committed 43 violations against Palestinian journalists last month

Today, Ministry of Media monitored and reported on 43 violations by the Israeli forces against the Palestinian journalists during November, 2020.

The ministry stated that the Israeli authorities targeted (24) men journalists, (5) women journalists, (4) news crews, and (3) media pages.

According to the report, the last day of November witnessed a group of attacks by the Israeli forces against the Palestinians, trying to prevent them from showing the world the Palestinian reality. With protection from the Israeli forces, they beat them, threw stones, and set dogs on them during their media coverage of a protest held by the families of Salfit, a Palestinian city, against the establishment of an outpost on their land.

The ministry described the attack as serious in which they used unprecedented ways to abuse the journalists to stop them from covering up the Israeli violations.

The ministry also called for the application of UN Security Council Resolution (2222) that states on protecting the journalists in order to hold the Israeli forces accountable for their crimes and brutal actions.

In November 9, the Israeli forces arrested the crew of Palestine TV and prevented it from covering up the actions in eastern Al-Bireh city.

In November 14, the Israeli forces present in Beir Furil barrier, in Nablus, a group of journalists to prevent them from covering up Friday prayer in the lands threatened to be occupied in Beir Dajan village in Nablus.

In November 24, dozens of journalists were suffocated as a result of stun grenades and gas canisters fired by the Israeli forces.

The ministry also mentioned that Israel’s court adjourned the trial of journalist Ahmed Abo Sobeih to November 12 while he was arrested on October 10.

In November 2, the Israeli forces called Christine Rinawi, a Palestine TV correspondent, for investigations claiming that she violated Gilad Erdan’s decision, an Israeli diplomat, which states on preventing Palestine TV work in Jerusalem and the occupied lands. As a result, she was suspended.

In November 5, Salem military court extended 8 days the detention of journalist Abdulrahman Thaher, who was arrested on October 10.

Source : Safa


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