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‘Israel’ refuses to provide the necessary treatment to Palestinian prisoner 

The Israeli prisons administration is delaying providing the necessary treatment to the prisoner Ibrahim Muhammad Ghunaimat (44), from Hebron in the West Bank.

“The prisoner Ghunaimat who is sentenced to life imprisonment and 20 years suffers from weakness in the heart muscle and other problems, and has been waiting for a year for an operation to implant a pacemaker. Recently, it was found that he has diabetes and pressure, and new symptoms began to appear confirming worsening his health,” the prisoner club said, on Tuesday, in a statement.

The Israeli prisons administration does not care about him and only gives him painkillers and blood-thinning drugs, and delays monitoring his health, despite his repeated requests to do so.

The prisoner Ghunaimat has been detained since 2010, and before his arrest he did not suffer from any health problems, as symptoms of the disease began to be shown after five years of his detention,as a result of the policies and tools used Israel aiming to destroy the health of the prisoners such as the medical neglect (Slow killing), the conditions of detention and prison structures which contribute to the spread of diseases, and subjecting the majority of prisoners to torture during the investigation period.

It is noteworthy that the prisoner Ghunaimat, who is a spouse and father to four children and arrested in Raymond prison, was subjected to a harsh investigation that lasted for 40 days after his arrest, and during the first three years, the Israeli authorities prevented his family from visiting him and he was isolated alone more than once, during which he went on several strikes to end his isolation and allow his family to visit him.

Source : Safa


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