Palestinians demonstrate in response of confiscating their lands – In Palestine Today

Palestinians demonstrate in response of confiscating their lands

Occupied Jerusalem (In Palestine Today)- Dozens of residents have demonstrated in Jadeidi-Makr, Akce in response to Route 6 plan, which threatens hundreds of dunums of the private lands.

This demonstration came within a series of protest steps approved by the Local Council and the People’s Committee in Jadeidi-Makr, in order to confront the authoritarian scheme that targets the lands in the Makr Plain.

The demonstrators raised banners denouncing the plan and others calling for rerouting the street. They wrote some statements on the banners such as: “No to confiscating our land,” “They stole what remains of our land,” and “No to confiscation, yes to development.”

“We are totally convinced that we have the right in this issue, bearing in mind that this scheme will destroy a large number of dunums, up to 1500 dunums, which harms the owners of the land from Jadeidi-Makr,” Suhail Melhem, a local committee, said to Arab 48 Journal.

He added, “We agree with development and construction, but we refuse to see our land being targeted because of its quality geographical location. we are paying the price as a result of this great location, Instead of getting benefits or positive return.”

Source: Safa


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