Israeli occupation forces demolish Al-Shuhada cemetery in Jerusalem

Jerusalem (In Palestine Today)- Israeli occupation forces on Sunday continued razing and vandalizing the Al-Shuhada’ cemetery, which is an extension of the Al-Yusifiya cemetery in the occupied Jerusalem.

Mustafa Abu Zahra, head of the committee for the preservation of Islamic cemeteries in Jerusalem, said that the occupation municipality in Jerusalem continues excavating and bulldozing the Al-Shuhada’ cemetery, which contains the graves of people killed by Israeli forces in the 1967 war.

Abu Zahra explained that the occupation bulldozers stormed the cemetery and began sweeping, as part of the occupation’s work, digging for the “biblical garden path.”

The occupation forces demolished the wall of the cemetery and the stairs at the entrance leading to it, early this month.

The demolition is part of an ongoing campaign by the Israel Land Authority (ILA) to level the lands of the cemetery in order to build a national park.

Source: QNN