Pakistani PM denies to establish ties with ‘Israel’ – In Palestine Today

Pakistani PM denies to establish ties with ‘Israel’

Pakistan (In Palestine Today)- Imran Khan, Pakistan’s Prime Minister, has denied reports of Pakistan’s efforts to establish ties with ‘Israel.’

On Friday, in an interview with Samaa TV, which was published in Arab News, Khan rejected any efforts to recognize ‘Israel.’

“Pakistan will refuse to recognize Israel until Palestinian rights are guaranteed,” Khan said.

He added, “Pakistan is a democratic society, and our entire nation stands with the Palestinians.”

Khan remarks came following Israeli media reports this week that Pakistan will discuss the normalization of relations and that an adviser to the prime minister had visited ‘Israel’ at the end of November.

“Why would anyone go from Pakistan when it’s our policy that we don’t recognize Israel?” Khan said.

“What’s a minister going to do there? This is absolutely fake news.”

This week, the head of the Pakistan Ulema Council, Tahir Ashrafi, told Arab News the “reports were an attempt to malign Pakistan in the Muslim world, and that Islamabad would not recognize Israel until a just solution to the Palestine conflict was found.”

“It is the clear stance of Prime Minister Khan and his Cabinet,” Ashrafi said.

He added, “The state of Pakistan, including our people, armed forces, institutions and government, are on the same page regarding this issue.”

Pakistan has a long history of supporting the Palestinian cause for a free and independent state.

Source: QNN


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