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Is solidarity with the Palestinian people an option?

As there is an international day for the Palestinians’ solidarity, one may ask why there is a day that marks such an event, what the significance is of such a thing, how I should show solidarity, and most importantly WHY. There is actually for-granted information that is not recognized by the whole world. If recognized, they will find satisfying answers for the above questions.

“Most scholars agree that the beginning of today’s struggle was the displacement of over 700,000 Palestinian Arabs by the Israeli military in 1948.”


Originally, Zionists encouraged massive immigration of the Jews to historical Palestine and at that time, there were small Jewish communities who had long existed among a large of indigenous people. Consequently, when the UN offered the Jewish immigrants the majority of a land to a new state called “Israel”, Palestinians rejected the UN plan and many Arabs invaded the state of “Israel”. Yet, the 1948 war was the toughest catastrophe against Palestinians as it ended up with 78% of their land occupied by the Jews. Thousands of Palestinians who were expelled from their houses during fighting tied to return to theirs but they were prevented to go back by Israelis. Without a shadow of doubt, this war was the starting point of the Palestinian life’s immense destruction that they are still living in its consequences until today. Just imagine, my reader: you are sitting inside your home pleasurably enjoying your life within your family, and someone has knocked the door and kicked you out by force! What would you do?

“Since the first Intifada (1987-1993), many Palestinians have been killed by Israelis than Israelis killed by Palestinians, and this disparity is growing over time.”


Israeli extreme violence against the protesters was brutal and inhuman, the weapons, the provocation that they used, and even the way they used the weapons without provocation, as well. One of the Jewish themselves confessed that the Israelis are the terrorists and they just instill fear inside Palestinians. By these numbers shown in the chart here, you can figure out by yourself, my reader!

Not only is there a military war, but also there is a media one as well. Indeed, social media has been humanizing Israel and dehumanizing Palestinians in a very obvious manner. To illustrate, when an Israeli is being killed, there are numerous stories published on the social media about this person but when a Palestinian is killed, there is only one sentence or even he/she is just included within a list of others killed! This is a massive source of misrepresentation and misperception.

In the 1967 war, Israel had seized more areas occupying all the Gaza territories including Jerusalem. Then, after Israel had signed Camp David with Egypt, the Arab states had been in peace with Israel and the conflict has been left a Palestinian-Israeli one only, till this moment. It is worth mentioning that in 1993, Oslo Accords established the Palestinian Authority within which Palestine had been divided into three areas:

  1. Area A: Palestine civil and security self-rule.
  2. Area B: Palestinian civil governance, Israeli security control.
  3. Area C: Israel controls security and almost all governance.

The Palestinians today are not given any options to return to their homes or to be compensated for their stolen priorities or even their voices to be heard. They are expected just to accept this situation and surrender and this will happen just when hell freezes over! Are you still asking if Palestinians’ solidarity is just an option of yours?

“The Israeli settlements are illegal under international law.”


Israelis illegally demolished thousands of houses as well as dominated all the natural resources cutting them as additional weapons against Palestinians. Moreover, they punished resistance with raids, arrests, and assassinations making life so difficult for Palestinians as they should either leave or be afraid to resist. Yet, as a matter of fact, Palestinians never fail to resist from their  children to adults and Ahed El-Tamimi was a remarkably outstanding example for resistance among millions of similar Palestinian heroes and heroines. Israelis had taken a land that is NOT theirs, demolished most of the houses, built settlements, and never compensated the original owners!! Is there brutality more than this?

“Adjusted for inflation, the US has given Israel over 233 billion dollars since 1949. (And it is only going up).”

Israeli-military detention system used US Tax dollars to detain Palestinian children which clearly violates human rights, thus simultaneously violates the international law, as well. And you will still find some people asking why Hamas, a Palestinian Islamic organization which came to power in free elections in 2006 having been placed under an Israeli and U.S.-led international economic and political boycott from that time onwards, buys and creates weapons.

They do so to protect all Palestinians during wars. It is just a normal reaction to defend and resist who have been killing their people and destroying their life for ages.

If you were Hamas, you would do the same, and even more to make your rights go back to yours!

“Criticizing or resisting the Israeli government and the Israeli military is not anti-Semitic.” 

Obviously, Israel and its government can be legitimately criticized just like any other country or government in this world. Criticism of particular Israeli actions or policies  even harsh one and strident criticism and advocacy – in and of itself does not constitute anti-Semitism. There have been, and still, very good relations with some Palestinians and their Jewish neighbors. Palestinians are not ‘killing’ whoever ‘Jewish’. Rather, they are just defending their own rights and resisting the Zionists who have been damaging everything in a blink of an eye! The strongest way of criticizing Israel lies mainly in how money is spent. Boycott, divestment and sanctions are ways of criticizing that must be used by other countries who support it. In fact, Israel has been a conflict that we all must fight together not only by Palestinians but all the world should cooperate in fighting such an American-supported power. Indeed, supporting Palestinians is all about supporting human rights. It has never been an option; it is rather a must, as long as you are a HUMAN!


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