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Several Palestinian civilians injured during clashes with Israeli occupation forces

Occupied Palestine (In Palestine Today)_ village participated in a march rejecting the establishment of an outpost on their lands.

During the confrontations, several civilians were wounded by rubber-coated metal bullets, including the head of the Deir Jarir village council, Ayman Alawi, who was wounded in his face.

Dozens suffered breathing difficulty due to the tear gas canisters fired by the IOF soldiers towards the march. IOF prevented ambulances from approaching the area of confrontations.

Palestinian youths managed to pursue one of the settlers, hit him with stones and forced him to leave the area with his sheep that were grazing on the citizens’ lands.

The youths also set tires on fire, threw stones at the IOF soldiers and tried to reach the settlement outpost to remove it but IOF soldiers fired bullets and gas bombs at them.

Citizens performed Friday prayer on their lands amidst their assertion that they would not allow the occupation and its settlers to remain in the area.

The Friday preacher said, “Your land is your honor and you must remain steadfast on your land even if that costs you your lives.”

Settlers of Kokhav Yaqoub settlement began last Wednesday morning establishing a new outpost in Deir Jarir, where they set up a tent and barracks in the Kawkab Al-Sabah area under IOF protection.

Deir Jarir village suffers from growing settlement activity in which half the village’s area, which is about 33 thousand dunums, was appropriated for settlement construction. Only 17 thousand dunums are left for Palestinians.

Since the beginning of this year 2020, settlers have been trying to control thousands of dunums of agricultural land belonging to the eastern villages and towns to establish outposts on them.

Meanwhile, dozens of civilians suffered breathing problems on Friday during the IOF suppression of a march in Beit Dajan village, east of Nablus. The march was launched rejecting the establishment of a settlement outpost in the lands of Beit Dajan.

Local sources reported that IOF soldiers fired tear gas canisters at the marchers and tens of them suffered breathing difficulty.

Hundreds of citizens participated in a march called for by the Popular Committee for Land Defense in Beit Dajan, the factional Coordination Committee in Nablus and the Wall and Settlement Resistance Commission. The march was launched after performing the Friday prayer from the center of the village towards the lands that were seized.

Every Friday, the village witnesses clashes with IOF in the lands threatened with seizure. The villagers had set up a sit-in tent in the village as a protest mean against the establishment of the outpost.

Source: The Palestinian Information Center


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