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Remembering the Israeli 2008 aggression on Gaza

Today marks 12 years since the Israeli occupation waged the first large-scale military offensive on the besieged Gaza Strip, in which about 1,500 Palestinians were killed and thousands more injured. Entire families were slaughtered. Massive destructions were caused. Hundreds of children were murdered. White phosphorus shells were used against densely populated areas. Life in Gaza has never been the same ever since!

According to a report by the Palestinian Centre for Human Rights for the week 24–31 December 2008, “Israel” launched at least 300 air and sea strikes against the Gaza Strip. These strikes targeted 37 houses; 67 security and training sites; 20 workshops; 25 public and private institutions; seven mosques; and three educational institutions.

In the 2008 aggression, 700 businesses were damaged, with direct losses totaling approximately $140 million; the agricultural sector suffered direct losses worth $170 million; and over 3,354 houses were completely destroyed, with a further 11,112 partially damaged, according to the UNDP.

A year earlier of Israeli 2008 aggression, the Gaza Strip had been placed under an Israeli-led siege, subjecting the 360 square-kilometer-enclave to land, air, and sea blockade.

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