IOF arrest, torture a father and former prisoner at his daughter’s bedroom

Ramallah (In Palestine Today)- Israeli forces at the dawn of Wednesday arrested and tortured Rami Fadayel, a father and former prisoner, at his daughter’s bedroom.

Fadayel was arrested twice in 24 hours; he was first arrested at dawn and held for over 12 hours before being released then arrested again a few hours later.

Haneen Nassar, Fadayel’s wife, said he was arrested yesterday at dawn then he was released on the same day, but he was rearrested at the dawn of Wednesday after being beaten and tortured. Fadayel was taken to an unknown place.

Since she was born, Mais, Fadayel’s daughter, has not united with her father for a whole year. She spent most of her childhood while he was in jail without charges or trials.

On one occasion, Israeli undercover forces broke into the family’s house and arrested Fadayel on Mais’ birthday.

Source: QNN

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