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A call to boycott USA products following the legalization of settlement goods

America has labeled the settlements’ goods as having made a green light in Israel for Western and Arab countries that follow the American astronomy, to follow the same path, which legitimizes the legality of settlements, and opens the way wide to plunder more Palestinian natural resources, thus undermining the Palestinian economy more and more.

Officials and economic specialists called on the Palestinians for boycotting Israeli goods to confront the American move by various means, and to implement counter boycott campaigns targeting American products and those who support them in the decision.

On the 23rd of this month, the US Customs and Border Protection issued a statement of the definition of goods produced in settlements built on citizens’ lands in the West Bank as “made in Israel.”

Azmi Al-Shyoukhi, Head of the Federation of Consumer Protection Associations, confirmed that the American decision is totally rejected and must be confronted with various means, because it legalizes settlements and steals Palestinian wealth.

Al-Shyoukhi said, “The previous US administration continues its crimes against the Palestinians, and the last of that is the recognition of settlement goods. The decision is nothing but bleaching settlement goods, and legitimizing them to steal Palestinian land and products.”

Al-Sheikhi called on the Palestinians and pro- Palestine to pressure Washington to cancel the decision, because it opens the way for other countries to take the same step, as happened in the transfer of the American embassy to occupied Jerusalem.

It is estimated that there are more than 250 factories in various fields of production, in addition to about 3000 other establishments, including various farms, companies and shops.

Settlements produce more than 146 brands in all productive sectors. Of these, about 40 food brands, about 50 household brands, and about 56 brands, for various products and industries.

Meanwhile, the economist Dr. Haytham Daraghmeh said that the American decision violates the rules of international law, including the Security Council Resolution (2334), and that being silent about it means eliminating what remains of the Palestinian economy’s components.

Daraghmeh stated that the occupation is waiting for any opportunity to weaken the Palestinian economy to keep it a follower of it, as it controls the crossings and outlets, transforms the Palestinian markets into a dumping ground for its goods and gives permission to establish large factories in the settlements as they drain water and natural resources, and they even throw their toxic residues towards the population centers and the Palestinians’ lands.

Palestinian official authorities estimate that the annual sales volume of settlement goods in the West Bank exceeds half a billion US dollars, and that approximately 50% of the annual income of the Israeli settlements is contributed by the Palestinians, by buying products made in the settlements.

Many countries in the world, including the European Union, refuse to treat goods produced in the settlements as Israeli products, and mark them so that it is clear to the consumer where they are made.

Source: QNN


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