At least 16 Palestinian detainees diagnosed with COVID-19 in Israeli Naqab prison – In Palestine Today

At least 16 Palestinian detainees diagnosed with COVID-19 in Israeli Naqab prison

Ramallah (In Palestine Today)- At least 16 Palestinian prisoners in the Israeli Naqab prison were diagnosed with the coronavirus disease and the number is expected to rise, Palestinian Prisoner Society (PPS) said.

The first coronavirus case in Section 3 of the prison was discovered on Thursday. Since then, the number has increased to 16 as more are expected to get infected

While at least 156 of the Palestinian prisoners have contracted the disease so far, said the PPS, it is imperative that ‘Israel’ should immediately release the elderly and sick, demanding the formation of an independent medical committee to check on the situation of the Palestinian prisoners in Israeli jails.

While ‘Israel’ started two weeks ago inoculating its population with the coronavirus vaccine, it decided not to include the Palestinian prisoners in this process for the time being, raising concern about their health situation particularly since they are kept in overcrowded and unhealthy prisons.

Since April, around 156 Palestinian detainees were infected with COVID-19. The detainees don’t get the proper health treatment in light of the spread of the pandemic in the prisons.

Israeli authorities commit flagrant violations against the Palestinian prisoners, including depriving them of the right to healthcare, protection from infectious diseases and non-discrimination.

Israeli occupation detains nearly 5,400 Palestinians, including 41 women, 170 children and 370 administrative detainees who it holds without charge or trial.

Source: QNN


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