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Palestinian family assaulted by IOF

Occupied Jerusalem (In Palestine today)_ Israeli forces did not only target the Palestinian family of Abo Romoz by arresting its members and deporting them but also imposed high taxes. They also seek to steal their land, which lies in southern Al-Aqsa mosque, by displacing them by force.

Yesterday, Abo Romoz family received a judicial decision asking them to evacuate their home in Jabal Batin alHawa, and sell into a settlement association.

Silwan town is one of the most Jerusalemite quarters targeted by the settlement associations for being the southern protector of Al-Aqsa mosque and its first line of defense against the Israeli attacks.

The family has beein living in Jabal Batin alHawa for more than 60 years, resisting the Israeli harassments and their trials to fire it.

Details of the decision

“We were surprised yesterday after receiving a final judicial decision from the Israeli court asking us to evacuate the home as fast as possible for the sake of settlers, despite the fact that my family has the official documents that prove the home’s property,” Jawad Abo Romoz said.

He pointed out that the decision of evacuation had been issued since 2016 without noting us.

“Even though we are the decision-makers, we were surprised. It is an unjust decision because the Israeli authorities seek to displace us from our city and our land,” he added.

The Israeli court imposed on the family fines of 7000 NIS.

Jawad mentioned that his family is heading to the lawyer to file an urgent object against the evacuation decision to the central Israeli court in Jerusalem, dismissing the Israeli allegation of their ownership to the home.

Abo Romoz’s family fell within the plan of the extremist settlement association “Ateret Cohanim”, which aims to occupy 5 dunums and 200 sq m from  the middle quarter in Jerusalem, arguing that its property refers to the Jews since 1881.

“Even my home couldn’t escape from the Israeli assaults in Bostan district, in which I received an administrative decision of demolishment arguing that its unauthorized, and imposed fines of 75,000  NIS because of violations of building and other fines of 30,000 NIS,” Jawad Abo Romoz stated.

“Israeli forces fight us in all ways in Jerusalem. They work on draining us economically, socially and educationally in order to force us to leave. But we won’t leave our grandfathers and parents, and will fight for them by all legal means.

Ateret Cohanim association uses the Israeli law issued in 1970 to occupy Palestinian houses in Jerusalem. In contrast, the Palestinian are deprived of  recovering their property which they have their official documents in western the city.

The association receives financial support from Israeli extremists, and political support from the Israeli government to achieve its goal of housing a big number of settlers in the houses of Palestinian in the old city.

Source: Safa


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