The occupation state imposed more of its settlement plans before Trump’s departure – In Palestine Today

The occupation state imposed more of its settlement plans before Trump’s departure

(In Palestine Today)- The National Bureau for Land Defense and Settlement Resistance confirmed that the Israeli occupation government continues the policy of imposing more new settlement plans on the land in the time remaining before the transfer of power in the United States of America from the outgoing President Donald Trump to the new president-elect, Joe Biden.

In its weekly report issued on Saturday, the office stated that the end of the year 2020 and the beginning of the new year 2021 witnessed an escalation in settlement activities, plans and tenders, and attacks on citizens and their properties.

It pointed out that the Israeli occupation authorities and the so-called “planning council” in their Civil Administration of the occupation army have approved settlement plans that have covered large areas of citizens’ lands.

The report mentioned that the Bethlehem Governorate, as well as the Salfit Governorate, were not spared from all of this, and they were the main targets of these Israeli plans in the past week.

It stated that the Israeli Ministry of Interior published an announcement issued by the so-called “Supreme Planning Council of the Civil Administration” regarding the set of a new settlement plan, which stipulates the confiscation of 1008 dunams of lands of the Palestinian village of Azzun in the Qalqilya governorate for the benefit of settlement construction.

The new settlement plan, No. / 13/8/115, includes the construction of 1406 new settlement units in the southeast of the “El Fei Menashe” settlement in the areas known as Wadi Asla, Dhahr Al-Manaf, Qatayin Al-Sahl, and Al-Mafraq.

In 2017, the Israeli occupation authorities began preparing the infrastructure for the target site by leveling lands and constructing internal roads to facilitate the work of contracting companies for the settlement project later.

According to the national office; Last week, the Israeli occupation forces destroyed large areas of land planted with olive trees in the town of Deir Ballut, west of Salfit, claiming that they are “state lands,” and they sprayed hundreds of olive, grape and almond seedlings planted on an area of ​​approximately 300 dunums with lethal pesticides, and attacked their owners.

In the occupied Jerusalem, the Israeli municipality approved, in its last session, a plan to establish a large dumpsite to collect, sort, and burn waste on private Palestinian land between the settlement of “Ma’ale Adumim” and the “Mishor Adumim” industrial zone, and the municipality and the Israeli government agreed to establish it.

The report indicated that this decision comes in the context of the Israeli government and the occupation municipality’s disregard for the rights of the holy citizens in their lands and their health due to these dumpsites that have become widespread in the region and the West Bank in general.

It also pointed out that the Israeli occupation has transformed much of the private Palestinian lands in Jerusalem into dumpsites of Israeli waste in Abu Dis lands and in the north of the city in the industrial zone (Atarot).

The report mentioned that last week, various areas in the West Bank witnessed popular confrontations with the Israeli occupation forces and settler flocks, which resulted in many casualties among Palestinian citizens.

Source: Days of Palestine


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