Palestinians participate in rally denouncing the decision of (IOA) to expand settlements – In Palestine Today

Palestinians participate in rally denouncing the decision of (IOA) to expand settlements

West Bank( In Palestine Today)- Palestinians in Kafr Thuluth village, southeast of Qalqilya, participated on Saturday morning in a popular rally denouncing the decision of the Israeli occupation authorities (IOA) to expand settlements and expropriate more of the village’s lands.

The march began from the center of the town, towards the al-Kharab area near the gate of the Aparthied Wall built on the lands of Kafr Thuluth. The participants raised the Palestinian flag and chanted slogans calling for persisting on their right to their lands of Kafr Thuluth and confronting the IOA plans.

Participants in the march were able to break one of gates of the Wall and cut the barbed wire separating the village of Kafr Thuluth from the 1948 occupied lands.

Local sources said, “This gate isolates more than 5 thousand dunums of Kafr Thuluth lands that are planted with fruitful and perennial olive trees.”

The participants emphasized that the popular march was launched after the villagers feared that the IOA might change the path of the Apartheid Wall and seize more of the citizens’ lands.

IOA deliberately harass the citizens in the villages of Qalqilya by preventing them from building under the pretext of unlicensed construction.

The so-called Israeli Construction and Organization Committee recently delivered stop work orders to several citizens of Kafr Thuluth requiring them to stop building residential and agricultural facilities.

Qalqilya and its villages are suffering from the siege of approximately 17 Israeli settlements built on its lands, in addition to 5 settlement outposts which steal the lands of the Qalqilya and Salfit.

Kafr Thuluth is located in the hills in the Nablus Mountains, to the southeast of Qalqilya city, and rises 276 meters above the sea level.

Source: PIC


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