Israeli occupation kidnaps Aqsa guard during his work – In Palestine Today

Israeli occupation kidnaps Aqsa guard during his work

Occupied Jerusalem (In Palestine Today)_ The Israeli occupation police on Monday morning kidnaped one of the Aqsa Mosque guards during his usual work at the Mosque’s gates.

According to local sources, the IOF kidnaped Aqsa guard Tareq Sanduqa at the Aqsa Mosque’s Majles Gate.

Sanduqa was taken to a police station in the Old City for interrogation.

During 2020, the Israeli police banned 13 Aqsa guards and employees from entering the Mosque for different periods.

The Israeli occupation authority (IOA) and its police in Jerusalem always give themselves the right to issue orders banning Muslim worshipers and Awqaf employees from entering the Aqsa Mosque and take upon themselves to decide who can and cannot pray at the Mosque despite the fact that they have no jurisdiction over the Islamic holy place.

According to signed agreements, Jordan is the custodian of the Islamic and Christian holy sites in Jerusalem.

In a separate incident, Israeli soldiers on the same day kidnaped a young man in Deir Abu Da’if village, east of Jenin.

According to local sources, soldiers broke into and ransacked the house of Majdi Awwad in Deir Abu Da’if and took him, prisoner.

Source: The Palestinian Information Center


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