Israeli occupation extends Palestinian child’s detention – In Palestine Today

Israeli occupation extends Palestinian child’s detention

Occupied Jerusalem (In Palestine Today)_ Israeli Court in Jerusalem extended the detention of the prisoner Cub, Abd el-Rahman el-Bashiti, from the Old City.

Israel has arrested the diabetic cub, Abdul Rahman Al-Bashiti, on April 4, 2021 and transferred him to the hospital on the day of his arrest after the blood sugar level rose to 650 and no medicine or a glucose tester was provided to him.

Israeli forces have arrestes el-Bashiti more than 20 times, in addition to several deportation and fines decisions issued against him.

Asra Media Office stated that Israel is pursuing Jerusalemite children with harsh security measures, including arresting them and interrogating them in a cruel and painful manner and imposing the penalty of home confinement and deportation from the family despite their young age.

Source: Safa


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