Kosovo, ‘Israel’ to formally establish diplomatic ties Feb. 1 – In Palestine Today

Kosovo, ‘Israel’ to formally establish diplomatic ties Feb. 1

Prishtina (In Palestine Today)- Kosovo’s Foreign Minister on Friday said that Kosovo will normalize ties with ‘Israel’ on Feb. 1, saying that recognition by ‘Israel’ is one of the “greatest achievements for Kosovo.”

Kosovan FM Meliza Haradinaj-Stublla said in a statement that the “formalization of relations” with “Israel” will take place in a virtual official ceremony with the participation of Israeli Foreign Minister Gabi Ashkenazi on Feb. 1.

“Recognition by Israel is one of the greatest achievements for Kosovo, coming at a key moment for us, thanks to the United States of America, our common and eternal ally,” she said.

It should be noted that Ashkenazi is a former Chief of Staff of the ‘Israel Defense Forces’ who participated in many massacres committed against the Palestinian people, not less than the massacres committed in Kosovo by the Serbs.

In the margins of the “economic normalization” summit between Kosovo and Serbia, former US President Donald Trump announced that he had obtained approval from the two sides to normalize the relations and open an embassy in Jerusalem.

During his tenure, Trump worked to force several Arab and Islamic countries to normalize relations with the Israeli occupation.

Serbia has not yet moved its embassy to Jerusalem, which diplomats said after Trump’s announcement that the matter is “non-binding.”

Source: QNN


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