The occupation state detained 415 Palestinians, including 43 children and 6 women during January – In Palestine Today

The occupation state detained 415 Palestinians, including 43 children and 6 women during January

West Bank( In Palestine Today)- Palestine Center for Prisoners Studies said that it monitored 415 detention cases, including 43 children and 6 women during January, while a Jerusalemite ex-prisoner died after suffering cancer during his detention in the Israeli jails.

The center stated on Tuesday in a monthly report received by Safa that January witnessed a clear escalation of the arrests cases, especially from the city of Jerusalem, which witnessed 155 arrests, followed by Hebron with 70 arrests, and 50 cases from Jenin, and 65 cases from Ramallah.

The Gaza Strip witnessed 8 arrests, 7 of which were young men who approached the eastern borders and were released after being interrogated, while the youth, Walaa al-Rifai, from al-Maghazi camp was arrested at the Beit Hanoun, Erez, crossing, while he was on his way to Al Makassed Hospital in Jerusalem to undergo an operation for his wife, who suffers from brain cancer, and he was transferred to Ashkelon prison for investigation.

The Israeli authorities re-arrested MP Mohammad Maher Badr, 62, from Hebron after raiding his house, even though he suffers from chronic blood pressure and prostate problems and needs special medications and medical follow-up, which raised the number of the kidnapped Legislative Council MPs by Israel to 10 Deputies.

The director of the center, Riyadh Al-Ashqar, indicated that January witnessed the arrest of 7 women and 43 of the arrest cases of minors under the age of eighteen, most of them from Jerusalem.

He reported that the month witnessed the death of the ex-prisoner, Mohammad Salah El-Din, 20, from Hizma town in Jerusalem district, as a result of his suffering from cancer, which he was diagnosed with during his detention by Israel.

Tast month witnessed the infection of more than 200 new prisoners with Coronavirus in Raymond Prison and the Negev, as a result of Israel’s disregarding of the lives of the prisoners and not taking measures to prevent or limit the spread of the pandemic among the prisoners and the delay in taking samples from the prisoners.

According to the report, the Israeli moot courts issued 90 new and renewal administrative decisions, ranging from two to six months.

Source : Safa


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