Palestinian children reveal details of torture they were subjected to in Israeli detentions – In Palestine Today

Palestinian children reveal details of torture they were subjected to in Israeli detentions

Occupied Palestine (In Palestine Today) – A report by the Palestinian Detainees and Ex-detainees’ Commission revealed new testimonies of Palestinian Prisoners’ children who were tortured during their detention by the Israeli occupation forces.

Mustafa Salama (17 years) stated that he was brutally beaten by Israeli soldiers, while they were arresting him after storming his family’s home in Azzun town, east of Qalqilya.

Mustafa said that Israeli soldiers kicked him and beat him with their rifles and hands, then they took him to the military vehicle, threw him down, kicked him with their boots and insulted him.

He added that he lost consciousness due to the severe beating. When he woke up, he found himself in “Al Jalameh” investigation center, where he was tied to a small chair and interrogated for many hours.

Muhammad Zalloum is another child, who revealed that Israeli soldiers beat him severely after arresting him from his family’s home, in Silwan town in occupied Jerusalem.

He added that he started throwing up due to the severe beating on his stomach by Israeli soldiers. He was subjected to harsh interrogation for 23 days at Ashkelon investigation center.

Zalloum revealed that Israeli soldiers were brutally beating him, after moving him to a room that didn’t have surveillance cameras.

In another story, Hani Rumailat (17 years), from Jenin refugee camp, said the guards at Al Jalameh investigation center had kicked and beaten him with batons, causing him bruises, while they were transferring him to Al Afula hospital.

Majd Wari, from Beit Hanina town, north of occupied Jerusalem, reported that he was subjected to a harsh interrogation for long hours, in Al Maskobiyya center. The investigators strapped him to a small chair and insulted him.

In the same context, Munir Arqoub (17 years), from Kufr Ayn town northwest of Ramallah, said that the soldiers at “Beit El” checkpoint brutally beat him and threw him down. After that they moved him to an army camp, left him for hours in the freezing cold and deprived him of sleep.

The occupation state holds about 170 children, most of them were tortured and insulted in various forms during their arrest and interrogation.

Source: QNN


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