160 Jerusalemite arrested by IOF last month – In Palestine Today

160 Jerusalemite arrested by IOF last month

Jerusalem(In Palestine Today)- Al-Qastal network for Jerusalem affairs reported that last January, the Israeli occupation forces arrested about 160 Palestinians from Jerusalem.

The network stated that the occupation forces intensified their incursions into the towns and villages of Jerusalem during the past month.

It indicated that most of the prisoners, especially children and youth, were subjected to a brutal and barbaric attack by the occupation forces during the arrest and investigation, and after their release, the signs of the assault appeared on their faces.

Moreover, it pointed out that some of them have been transferred to house arrest, and others are still under arrest and investigation, and others have been sentenced to actual imprisonment for “resisting the occupation.”

The network also documented the injury of three young men by the Israeli bullets, and the death of the freed prisoner, Muhammad Salah El-Din, from the town of Hizma, as a result of deliberate medical negligence by the administration of the occupation prisons, after suffering cancer while he was imprisoned.

According to the daily documentation of the network, 748 settlers stormed the Al-Aqsa Mosque during January and prevented those who live outside the Old City from entering the mosque.

The Israeli occupation police deported six Jerusalemites from Al-Aqsa Mosque for periods ranging from one week to six months.

The network highlighted that the occupation municipality’s staff delivered dozens of Jerusalemites demolition warnings of their residential, commercial and agricultural facilities, and several facilities were demolished in Jerusalem and its suburbs under the pretext of building without a permit.

Source : Safa


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