Israeli navy fires at fishermen in Gaza – In Palestine Today

Israeli navy fires at fishermen in Gaza

GAZA (In Palestine Today) – Israeli navy today targeted fishermen sailing off Gaza City shore as its armored vehicles infiltrated the northern Gaza border, reported WAFA correspondent.

He said that the fishermen were sailing within six nautical miles when Israeli naval boats opened gunfire and water hoses toward them, causing significant damage to at least three boats.

The Israeli naval boats also fired several bursts of machine gunfire on other fishing boats and attempted to sink them.

Meanwhile, a number of Israeli military vehicles and bulldozers infiltrated the Gaza border, north of Beit Lahya town in the north of the Gaza Strip, razing large tract of farmland and placing earth mounds as they intermittently opened fire, said WAFA correspondent, in order to prevent the Palestinian farmers from reaching their farms and lands near the border.

Source: Wafa


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