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Palestinian activists condemn Al-Jazeera for hosting a war criminal

Occupied Palestine (In Palestine Today)- The International Criminal Court has opened the door to investigate war crimes in the occupied Palestinian territories. Marc Lamont host Danny Danon who is Israel’s former ambassador to the UN.

“Your Prime Minister, Benjamin Netanyahu, called the ICC a perversion of justice and he said that the alleged violations are quote fake war crimes,” he asked, “why to discredit any investigation before it even gets started?”

Danon says that ‘Israel’ is not afraid of an investigation, adding, the ICC is not looking for justice and there is no place to indict ‘Israel’ in the court.

Marc asked why ‘Israel’ should not be investigated for their crimes in the 2014 war, includes killing 2251 Palestinians and 551 of whom were children as Amnesty international reported.

Danon also said that Palestine is not a state, provoking Palestinian activists from Palestine Online, V Palestine, and Palestine Defense Forces. They responded to Al-Jazeera that they should not have hosted a war criminal and given him a platform to make the case for cleaning Israeli criminals for a part in committing war crimes against Palestinian people.

Furthermore, the activists responded that Danon stated a mock apology when nine people were killed aboard the Turkish ship Mavi Marmara in 2010, part of the Gaza flotilla – he said he regretted that only nine terrorists were killed – there should have been more.

Source: In Palestine Today


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