15 thousand trees uprooted by IOF and settlers last month – In Palestine Today

15 thousand trees uprooted by IOF and settlers last month

West Bank(In Palestine Today)- The agricultural committees of the Union of Agricultural Work Committees monitored the uprooting of 15,315 trees by the occupation forces and settlers during the month of January, which varied between olive, nuts and forest trees in different areas of the West Bank, in addition to the razing and approving the confiscation of about a thousand dunams.

The committees explained in their monthly report, according to what came together, that the Israeli occupation forces had suppressed demonstrations against the confiscation of land and settlement expansion in different areas of the West Bank governorates, which resulted in dozens of injuries with rubber-coated metal bullets in addition to cases of suffocation.

The committees added that at the beginning of the year there were 7 attacks by settlers against farmers and shepherds, such as assaulting them while plowing their lands and attacking shepherds in Kfar Malik, Yatta and other areas, in addition to flooding agricultural land with wastewater in Bethlehem Governorate, and burying dozens of trees in the governorate of Salfit after adding tons of rubbish on it.

On the other hand, the Israeli occupation forces demolished retaining walls and 6 fences, in addition to demolishing a well to collect water, dismantling a plastic house, tents and barns belonging to five families in the Jordan Valley.

They also confiscated 4 water tanks, agricultural equipment and two agricultural jars.

In the Gaza Strip, the Israeli occupation forces carried out 25 violations, including shooting attacks against agricultural lands, and chasing and shooting at fishermen’s boats.

It is noteworthy that the Union of Agricultural Work Committees issues a monthly report documenting the attacks of the Israeli occupation army and settlers on the agricultural sector in the West Bank and the Gaza Strip, through its agricultural committees spread across the governorates.

Source: Days of Palestine


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