The Israeli occupation holds 37 female prisoners in a harsh conditions – In Palestine Today

The Israeli occupation holds 37 female prisoners in a harsh conditions

Ramallah (In Palestine Today)- Palestine Center for Prisoners’ Studies said that the occupation state is holding 37 female prisoners in harsh conditions, depriving them of their basic human rights and subjecting them to different forms of violations.

The center said that arrests among women have increased to 16000 since 1967. While they have reached 2500 since the second intifada in 2000, 37 of them are still held in harsh and inhumane conditions.

The head of the center, Riyadh Al Ashqar, said that the occupation state is targeting women and that between ten to 15 women get arrested every month, some of them were sentenced to over ten years in jail.

Al Ashqar added that three female prisoners are held under administrative detention, including Shorouq Al Badan (26 years old) from Bethlehem, Bushra Jamal At Taweel (26 years old) from Al Bireh, and Khitam Al Khatib (27 years old) from Ramllah.

He also said that six prisoners suffer from hard health conditions due to the Israeli medical negligence policy, including Israa Ja’abis (35 years old), who needs different urgent surgeries due to severe burns she had during her arrest, Nisreen Abu Kameel (47 years old), who suffers from a weakening of the heart muscles.

Al Ashqar noted that female prisoners are subjected to different forms of repression, including the sudden search campaigns into their cells, violating their privacy, the delays in providing basic drugs. They are also deprived of communicating with their families through phone calls or having books or hand crafts.

Source: QNN


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