Israeli occupation law bans cooperation with ICC investigation – In Palestine Today

Israeli occupation law bans cooperation with ICC investigation

Occupied Palestine (In Palestine Today)- The occupation state is inking a law that prohibits cooperating with the International Criminal Court (ICC), Israeli media reported. A five-year prison sentence will be the punishment of anyone who violates the law.

The Israeli channel seven stated that the ban will include prohibiting handing over Israelis to the court, funding legal defense expenses before the ICC, and imposing sanctions against the court and those who work for it.

The new law comes as an attempt to protect Israeli soldiers and officials who may face prosecution abroad.

The law also comes to confront the ICC, after it had announced opening an investigation into war crimes committed by the occupation state against Palestinians.

According to the channel, the law prohibits any cooperation by any Israeli entity, citizen, company, or authority with the court without a special permit. It also prohibits cooperating with investigations conducted in the occupied Palestinian territories, or even providing financial assistance and confidential information to the court.

Sanctions will also be imposed on members of the court, such as bans on entry and residence in the 1948-occupied land, and restrictions on foreign entities that may assist the court.

Source: QNN


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