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Ongoing violations of the rights of Palestinian prisoners

Occupied Jerusalem (In Palestine Today)- Prisoner’s Center for Studies called on the human rights institutions and international organizations to intervene and provide the Palestinian prisoners in the Israeli jails with their basic and humanitarian rights.

A statement released by the center appealed the Israeli occupation authorities to achieve the demands of the World  Health Organization and Amnesty International to release the Palestinian prisoners amid the spread of the coronavirus in the Israeli prisons.

The statement mentioned that there is more 4500 prisoners suffering from harsh conditions in the prisons in which the adminstration of the Israeli prisons continue to delay providing them with medicine or preventive procedures to protect them from the coronavirus.

They also practice the policy of solitary confinment, adminstrative detentions, and prevention of education against the Palestinian prisoners.

Prisoner’s Center for Studies warned of the increase in the number of sick prisoners in the jails as long as there are no serious attempts to save their lives.

It also asked for more efforts on all legal, political, and national levels to turn the prisoners’ case into the first priorities of the Palestinians.

Source: Safa


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