European Union to give Palestine 20 million euros for corona vaccines

Ramallah, February 24, 2021 (In Palestine Today) – The European Union (EU) has expressed readiness to provide Palestine with 20 million euros to purchase corona vaccines, today said EU spokesman in Jerusalem Shadi Othman.

He told WAFA that the EU declared in the virtual meeting of the Ad Hoc Liaison Committee of donor countries held yesterday that it is willing to support Palestine with 20 million euros to buy the vaccines.

He said the money will be available once the technical part of this decision is taken care of.

The first batch of 20,000 doses of coronavirus vaccines, a donation of the United Arab Emirates, has arrived in the Gaza Strip this week, barely enough to inoculate one percent of its population, while the West Bank is still awaiting its share of the vaccine, which will be either purchased by the cash-strapped Palestinian Authority government or donated through COVAX.

Source: QNN

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