35 female prisoners, including 11 mothers, behind Israeli bars – In Palestine Today

 35 female prisoners, including 11 mothers, behind Israeli bars

RAMALLAH, Sunday, March 07, 2021 (In Palestine Today) – The Palestinian Prisoner Society (PPS), a local NGO which advocates for the rights of the Palestinian political prisoners in Israeli jails, said today that the Israeli authorities are currently incarcerating 35 female Palestinian prisoners, 11 of whom are mothers.

The PPS said in a statement on the occasion of the International Women’s Day, which coincides on March 8, that 26 of the female political prisoners in Israeli detention have been sentenced for varying periods, the longest of whom are Shurooq Dwayyat and Shatila Abu Ayyad, who are serving a jail sentence of 16 years each.

The PPS explained that three of the female prisoners are under administrative detention, without a charge or trial. The three are Khatam Al-Sa`feen, Bushra Al-Tawil, and Shurouq Al-Badan,

The Society identified eleven Palestinian mothers in Israeli prisons: Israa Jaabees, Fadwa Hamadeh, Amani Al-Hashem, Helwa Hamamra, Nasreen Hassan, Inas Asafra, Khaleda Jarrar, Aya Al-Khatib, Iman Al-Awar, Khitam Al-Sa’afin, and Shurouq Al-Badan.

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