Human rights activist speaks up for Palestine – In Palestine Today

Human rights activist speaks up for Palestine

US(In Palestine Today)- Ajamu Sibeko Baraka is an American political activist and human rights defender. 3 days ago he tweeted on his account arguing the ICC to look into Israeli apartheid practices committed against the Palestinian people.

Ajamu is known for his rejection of all forms of violence, apartheid and colonialism.

His tweet was widely appreciated by Palestinian activists and social media users.

Palestinian activists from VPalestine have flooded his tweet with love and appreciation for his honorable position.

The ICC should look into Israeli war crimes during its 2014 war against the Gaza Strip, when the Israelis killed 2147 Palestinians including women and children, and wounded 10870 others, as well as Israel’s construction of settlements in the occupied West Bank and annexed east Jerusalem.

The international community should not stay quiet to Israel’s crimes. Issuing condemnatory statements is not enough, because this encourages the Israeli occupation to continue with its violations and disregard for international law.


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