Israeli occupation opens fire at fishermen, farmers in Gaza – In Palestine Today

Israeli occupation opens fire at fishermen, farmers in Gaza

Gaza Strip (In Palestine Today)- In two separate incidents, the Israeli occupation’s navy and forces opened fire today at Palestinian fishermen sailing off Deir el-Balah and at herders to the east of Rafah.

Local sources said that the navy opened fire and water cannons on fishermen while sailing at about three nautical miles from the shore of Deir el-Balah, in the center of the Strip, causing partial damage to at least one boat and forcing fishermen to return to the shore.

Sources also said that Israeli occupation forces opened random fire toward Palestinian farmers as they were working in farmlands near to the Gaza perimeter fence to the east of Rafah, south of Gaza Strip, forcing them to leave.

However, no injuries were reported.

The Israeli navy deliberately targets fishing boats on a daily basis, preventing nearly 3600 fishermen from earning living. The Israelis open fire, use water cannons, and damage fishing nets and boats’ engines in their efforts to terrorize fishermen.

Lately, three Palestinian fishermen were killed when an explosive-laden Israeli drone blew up, as it was stuck in the fishermen’s fishing net and exploded while they were working in Al Qararah sea in the south of the besieged strip.

‘Israel’ often infiltrates Gaza borders and levels lands reaching some 300 meters inside the Gaza Strip while shooting at Palestinian farmers who attempt to reach their lands in what ‘Israel’ has declared as a buffer zone.

The occupation forces deliberately target farmers on border areas to the north and east of the besieged Gaza Strip and prevent them from accessing their lands.

Source: QNN


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