IPS isolates Palestinian detainee despite his poor health condition – In Palestine Today

IPS isolates Palestinian detainee despite his poor health condition

Occupied Palestine(In Palestine Today)- The Palestinian prisoner Ashraf Abu Sorour, 40, from Aida refugee camp north of Bethlehem is still being held in solitary confinement for many months in the Israeli Beer Sheba prison.

Israeli prison services (IPS) is deliberately neglecting Abu Sorour health condition and does not provide him with necessary treatment or proper food.

The Prisoners and Ex-prisoners Affairs Authority said in a statement on Friday that the prisoner Abu Sorour lost all his teeth in the upper jaw and most of the teeth in the lower jaw. He also suffers from acute gum infection, which affects his ability to chew food properly which in turn causes indigestion and permanent constipation.

The authority added that the prisoner suffers from stomach, pelvic, and back pain and blurred vision problems.

Abu Sorour was arrested on 25/11/ 2001 and taken to al-Jalameh investigation center during which he was subjected to severe torture rounds that lasted for two months. He was later sentenced to life imprisonment.

He was subjected throughout his long detention to many harassments. In October 2015, Israeli jailers assaulted him and hit him with batons on his head, hands and feet.

This led to an injury in the eyes, in addition to causing pain in his chest and shoulder, yet he was held in isolation without any treatment.

Source: PIC


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