NDP adopts policy of sanctions on ‘Israel’ – In Palestine Today

NDP adopts policy of sanctions on ‘Israel’

Canada (In Palestine Today)- The New Democratic Party (NDP) of Canada adopted a progressive policy on Palestine, endorsing sanctions and an arms embargo on ‘Israel’.

The adoption of imposing sanctions policy recommends for “Ending all trade and economic cooperation with illegal settlements in Israel-Palestine,” and “Suspending the bilateral trade of all arms and related materials with the state of Israel until Palestinian rights are upheld”.

In view of Israel’s ongoing violation of international law, Palestinians truly believe that boycotting ‘Israel’ is a must

84 Percent of NDP voters support Palestine say that it is reasonable to impose sanctions on ‘Israel’

Meanwhile, this result considered a victory for the activists who worked to ensure the resolution.

The resolution comes after years of many within the party demanding that the NDP take a clear stance on Palestine-Israel.

Canadians believe that the policy of imposing sanctions is a reasonable way in order to urge countries stop violating international law and human rights.

“The adoption of this policy today firmly positions the NDP as one of the few parties demanding the end of Canada’s support for illegal settlements and suspending the flow of weapons to and from Israel until Palestinians are free.” Said Geneviève Nevin, the organizer behind the successful resolution


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