Palestinian prisoner with open heart operation faces difficult health condition in Israeli prison – In Palestine Today

Palestinian prisoner with open heart operation faces difficult health condition in Israeli prison

Occupied Palestine(In Palestine Today)- The Palestinian Prisoners Club said that the Israeli prisons administration intentionally transfers the prisoner, Baher Asheh, 43, repeatedly, despite his difficult health condition, after he underwent an open heart operation about a month ago.

The Club stated in a statement received by Safa on Monday that the prisoner, Asheh, has been subjected to repeated transfers several times since he underwent the operation in Ichliov Hospital, the first of which was to the Ramla Clinic prison, indicating that it does not meet the minimum health care conditions, as it is called the slaughterhouse. Later, the prison administration transferred him to Ashkelon prison, which doubled the risks to his fate.

The prison administration deliberately transfers the sick and imjured prisoners, as it forms part of its systematic debilitating tools that it practices within the policy of medical negligence (slow killing), especially since the transfer is carried out through the so-called (bosta) vehicle, which constitutes a journey of torture for the sick prisoners in particular.

He stressed that the prisoners in Ashkelon prison suffer from high humidity, in addition to the prison structure that does not meet the minimum health conditions necessary for prisoners, especially the sick.

The prisoner, Asheh, who has been detained since 2002, and who has been sentenced to 22 years imprisonment, has suffered from a deterioration in his health over the past months, but the prison administration has been delaying his transfer to the hospital and providing him with the necessary treatment, despite his clear suffering from heart problems.

The prisoner’s family appealed the need for serious and effective intervention to pressure Israel to provide him with the necessary health care.

The Prisoner Club held the Israeli prisons administration fully responsible for the life of the prisoner, Asheh, and all his sick prisoner companions, who face harsh detention conditions and systematic abuse policies implemented by the prison administration around the clock against them, most notably the policy of medical negligence (slow killing).

Source : Safa


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