Palestinian prisoner faces difficult health condition in Israeli jail – In Palestine Today

Palestinian prisoner faces difficult health condition in Israeli jail

Occupied Jerusalem (In Palestine Today)-The prisoner, Muhammad Ishaq Abu Aisha, 59, from Hebron, is facing a continuous deterioration in his health, as he remains in the Negev desert prison.

The Palestinian prisoner club explained that the prisoner Abu Aisha suffers from several health problems, most notably chronic diabetes, pressure, a chest crisis, kidney and nerve problems, and recently he has become suffering from a loss of feeling in his limbs.

Abu Aisha is one of the prisoners who was infected with the Coronavirus in the Negev prison early this year and is still suffering from the effects of the infection.

It is noteworthy that the prisoner Abu Aisha, who is married and a father for seven children, has been administratively detained since October 2020, and he is an ex-prisoner who spent years in the Israeli prisons, most of which are under administrative detention.

It is noteworthy that the Israeli prison administration continues to use a policy of systematic medical negligence (slow killing) against hundreds of prisoners, which over the past years has caused the death of dozens of them.

Source: Safa


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