Israeli forces arrest 28 Palestinian journalists in Israel’s jails – In Palestine Today

Israeli forces arrest 28 Palestinian journalists in Israel’s jails

Occupied Jerusalem( In Palestine Today)- Journalist Support Committee (JSC) strongly condemned the Israeli occupation forces’ deliberate arrest of journalists and shooting them while they were covering the field in the West Bank and occupied Jerusalem.

The committee condemned the arrest of journalists Muhammad Ateeq and Qutayba Qasim, on their return from occupied Jerusalem, bringing the number of journalists detained in the occupation prisons to 28, after the occupation arrested the journalist Alaa al-Rimawi, who is on a hunger strike for the third day in a row.

It indicated that the occupation forces deliberately targeted journalists and media crews by shooting, as the journalist Khaled Badir who was injured on Friday evening in the city of Tulkarm with a gas canister in his foot and described his condition as moderate.

Moreover, JSC called on all international institutions concerned with freedom of opinion and expression to put pressure on the occupation, to stop its continuous attacks on Palestinian journalists.

It also called on all Arab and international federations and unions to show solidarity with Palestinian journalists, who are subjected to abuse, continuous attacks, and prevention of movement, in clear violation of all international covenants and norms that guarantee freedom of journalistic work.

The committee urged the UN Security Council and the Human Rights Council to act immediately to implement Security Council Resolution 2222, which calls for providing protection for journalists.

Source : Safa


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