Israeli occupation uses harsh, cruel methods to deal with Children prisoners – In Palestine Today

Israeli occupation uses harsh, cruel methods to deal with Children prisoners

Ramallah (In Palestine Today)- The Detainees and Former Detainees Committee said that the Israeli authorities use harsh and cruel methods to deal with Palestinian prisoners, especially children, and that they are subject to different forms of physical and psychological torture during their arrest and detention.

The committee published new testimonies of three children, who were tortured while being in detention, including the 16-year-old child Malik Abu Hashhash from Al Fawwar refugee camp in Hebron, who was arrested along with his friends Hussam Maqousi and Alaa Kornoz. The Israeli army attacked them before savagely beating the, then they were handcuffed and blindfolded and taken to a military camp. While being at the camp, they were beaten, insulted, and humiliated. Israeli soldiers stepped on their heads and kicked them in the abdomen then a soldier threw them into a military Jeep to be taken to Megiddo jail. The soldiers did not stop beating them up the whole way, according to Abu Hashhash.

In another testimony, Israeli soldiers attacked Lu’ai Jbour (16 years old) from Nablus. Lu’ai was arrested while he was at Kafr Qassem village, in the 1948-occupied territories. The soldiers attacked and kicked him using their weapons, causing him bruises in his mouth and head. He was taken to Btah Tikva interrogation center, where he stayed in a cell for 21 days. He was being interrogated on a daily basis for long hours then he was taken to Megiddo jail.

Muhammad Al Qaq (17 years old) from Kifl Haris in Salfit was arrested from a bakery in which he works. An Israeli force broke into the bakery, threatened everyone inside, and opened fire. An Israeli soldier slapped Muhammad several times then blindfolded and took him into a military Jeep, which took him to Yakir illegal settlement, where he was detained for long hours. After that, he was taken to Al Jalameh interrogation center, where he was tortured using the Shabeh method. Then he was detained in a spies’ cell for 20 days, where they tried to force him to confess, then he as finally taken to Megiddo jail.

Source: QNN


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