3 Israeli plans to establish 392 settlement units in occupied West Bank – In Palestine Today

3 Israeli plans to establish 392 settlement units in occupied West Bank

Occupied West Bank, (In Palestine Today)- The Israeli occupation authorities submitted 3 plans to build 392 settlement units over an area of 432.1 dunums in the occupied West Bank.

The cartography section in the Arab Studies Society organizations mentioned that the sub-committee of settlement declared the submission of a detailed structural plan n. 66/5/410 for Efrat settlement, located between Bethleout and Hebron over an area of 128.5 dunums, to establish 193 settlement units and general buildings.

It also submitted a detailed structural plan for the Einav settlement built on the lands of Ramin village in Tulkarm over an area of 290 dunums, to establish 197 settlement units and general institutions.

It mentioned that it submitted another structural plan n. 5/514 for Shima’a settlement build on the lands of ad-Dhahiriya village in Hebron over an area of 13.6 dunums to build 20 settlements.

“Sub-committee of roads declared the start of implementation of the detailed structural plan n. 841 to build a road that reaches Rehelim settlement built on the lands of As-Sawiya village in southern Nablus over an area of 5 dunums,” It stated.

A previous report for the National Bureau for Defending Land confirmed the continuation of settlement projects in the occupied Palestinian territories amid the world’s concerns about controversial cases.

It noted that constructing the new roads goes at a higher rate than the establishment of settlements, especially that the roads occupied more of Palestinian lands to connect the settlement gatherings.

The report confirmed that Israel’s government seized the fuzzy position of the US’s new administration and continued its attachment to its settlement plans throughout occupied more of Palestinian lands.

Source: Safa


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