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Palestinian prisoner Sami Abu Diak last wish to die in his mother’s arms

Occupied West Bank, (The Inside Paledtine)- Last hope of Palestinian prisoner Sami Abu Diak was to die in his mother’s arms, but even his last wish was not fulfilled for him, and martyred in the alleys of the Israeli occupation prison.

“I want to pass away in my mother’s arms”
Those were the last words of what Palestinian prisoner Sami Abu Dayak wished, a few days before his death.

A wish that was broken by the prison barrier and death, as Abu Diak was martyred, in November 2019, in Israeli prisons without achieving his last wish to spend his last hours next to his mother.

Abu Diak sent a message to the world before his martyrdom, in which he said: “To everyone who has a living conscience, I live my last hours and days. I want to be with my mother and my family.”

He continued: “I want to pass away from life while I am in her arms, and I do not want to pass away while I am handcuffed, and in front of a jailer who loves death, is nourished, and is relished by our pain and our suffering.”

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Earlier, the Palestinian Prisoners’ Club announced the martyrdom of the detainee Abu Diak, in the Israeli “Ramleh Prison” hospital.

Abu Diak, 37 years old, is a resident of “Silat al-Dhahr” in the Jenin governorate in the northern West Bank.

He was arrested in July 2002 and sentenced to 3 life imprisonment and 30 years in prison.

Israel accuses “Abu Diak” of carrying out armed operations against the Israeli army and settlers, and pursuing those who collaborate with the Israeli occupation.

Last Visit

Abu Diak’s mother managed to visit him in the clinic of Ramleh prison, in central Israel, and it was the last time she met him before he died.

Amna Abu Diak said, in a video clip transmitted by social media users, after visiting her son: “He was unconscious, and he could not raise his head or even speak, not feel my presence at all, and not recognize me.”

She added that I spoke to him, and he looked at me and did not reply. He was exhausted, his whole-body sores, and more like a skeleton, as a result of the occupation’s neglect of his condition, that occupation who stole his youth and health.

Mother continued: “His only wish and my wish is to embrace him and to die among his family.”

Burial Wish

Abu Diak family said that their wish to receive their son alive has not been fulfilled, and hope for official and human rights work to recover his body and bury him.

His brother, Saleh Abu Dayak, said that the Israeli occupation prevented them from fulfilling their duty towards their brother, by caring for him and dying among them.

He expressed his hope that the Palestinian leadership and international institutions will work seriously to release the body of his brother,” noting that the family has not yet received any information about the Israeli authorities’ intention to hand over his brother’s body.

For his part, Ziad Abu Dayak, the martyr’s uncle, said that the Israeli occupation authorities are continuing to kill the detainees, through medical negligence trying to break their will.

He added that Israel is acting as a state above the law, killing detainees, and seizing their bodies.

He pointed out that Sami’s body has recently become unacceptable to any treatment. This is what the doctors said, and they know that his life is now a few hours, but Israel refused to realize his wish to live a few hours free among his family.

Suffering from Illness

Sami Abu Diak was suffering one of the most dangerous medical cases in Israeli prisons. He suffered from a cancerous mass in his intestine for 4 years.

In 2015, his suffering began with the disease, when he complained of abdominal pain while he was in Rimon Detention Center, to be transferred to the Israeli Assaf Harofeh Hospital, and it was found that there was a cancerous mass in the intestine, and 30 centimeters of it were removed, according to a previous report of the Addameer Association for Prisoner Care and Human Rights (Palestinian non-governmental).

Abu Diak also suffered from another cancerous mass in his upper abdomen, and that his suffering and pain make him unable to sleep or eat normally, and he was unable to move except in a wheelchair and needed special and continuous care to practice his daily life.

The Palestinian presidency, Palestinian factions, and institutions condemned the martyrdom of “Abu Diak”, blaming Israel fully responsible for his death.

In 2020, 5 Palestinian detainees were martyred: “Sami Abu Dayak,” “Faris Baroud,” “Omar Awni Yunus,” “Nassar Taqatqa,” and “Bassam Al-Sayeh,” according to the Palestinian Prisoner Club.

The Club indicated that 222 detainees have been killed since 1967 in Israeli prisons, including 67 detainees who were killed as a result of deliberate medical negligence.

The number of Palestinian detainees in Israeli prisons has reached 5,000, including 200 children, 40 female detainees, 400 administrative detainees (held without charge), and 700 patients, according to official Palestinian data.

Source: Days of Palestine


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