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Palestinian detainees suffer from deliberate medical negligence policy in Israeli jails

(In Palestine Today)- The Prisoners and Ex-Prisoners Affairs Committee said on Wednesday that the Israeli detention administration continues a policy of deliberate medical negligence against male and female prisoners, noting the increasing numbers of patient detainees inside prisons, and the worsening of their health conditions.

The Committee stated that many of the patient prisoners are in critical situations and suffer from serious health problems such as cancers, heart disease, paralysis, and others.

Besides, three patient cases that are in the Israeli prisons were documented, one of them is the case of the prisoner, Nidal Abu Aahour, 45, from Bethlehem, knowing that he is located inside the so-called Ramla Hospital.

The prisoner Abu Aahour suffers from kidney failure and was previously suffering from cancer, and one of his kidneys was removed as a result of the disease, and he is still in need of medical follow-up.

While the prisoner Miqdad al-Hayh, 25, from the town of Surif, Hebron district, who is currently in Eshil prison, complains t of new complications.

The Committee stated that al-Hayh prisoner suffers from fungi inside his stomach that causes him problems, especially after eating, and he asked the prison administration so many times to provide him the necessary treatment and diagnose his condition, but to no avail.

al-Hayh was injured during his arrest by several bullets that affected his health. After the injury, he stayed in Hadassah Ein Karem hospital for 40 days in a coma, which led to stomach rot, and he still suffers from problems with it until this moment.

As for the prisoner Musa Soufan, 47, from Tulkarm, who is sentenced to life imprisonment and 15 years, and who is held in Shata prison, he suffers from discs in the neck and spine, and a tumor in the lung.

Also, Soufan suffers from the Mediterranean germ and foot problems, but the Israeli prison administration has been delaying the necessary examination for him for years.

The committee confirmed that the Israeli authorities follow a systematic policy of disavowing international norms and covenants, which stipulate ensuring the safety of prisoners and providing them with the necessary treatment.

It was stressed that Israel deliberately targets the prisoners by ignoring their diseases, not dealing with them seriously, fails to treat them, and replaces that by giving them painkilling pills only.

Source : Safa


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