Israeli occupation forces kidnap many Palestinians overnight in West Bank – In Palestine Today

Israeli occupation forces kidnap many Palestinians overnight in West Bank

Occupied Jerusalem (In Palestine Today)_ The Israeli occupation forces (IOF) last night and at dawn Wednesday kidnaped many Palestinian citizens in the West Bank and Jerusalem.

According to local sources, the IOF intensified its raids on homes and set up dozens of makeshift checkpoints in different areas of Nablus and Ramallah as part of its ongoing manhunt for the Palestinian who carried out a shooting operation last Sunday in the West Bank.

In Ramallah, the IOF stormed Turmus Ayya town and kidnaped Sana ash-Shalabi from her home, but she was released later following hours of interrogation. Her son Ahmed, who was kidnaped on Tuesday, is still in detention.

The IOF also physically assaulted several local young men after intercepting the car they were aboard at the main entrance to Turmus Ayya town. No one of them was reportedly arrested.

Another woman identified as Amal Bani Maniya was kidnaped by the IOF from her home in Aqraba town in Nablus. She is the wife of Sheikh Emad as-Sous, a noted local figure, who was kidnaped on Tuesday from Aqraba.

The IOF also clashed with local youths in Aqraba town and intensively fired live ammunition and tear gas and stun grenades towards them and nearby homes.

In al-Khalil, the IOF kidnaped senior Hamas official Fadi Amr from his home in Dura town.

The IOF also kidnaped other Hamas officials and members during raids on homes in different areas of al-Khalil. They are Munder Zunah from Dura town, Sheikh Sameer Bahis from Yatta city, Sari Abu Saif from al-Samu town, Omar al-Nattah from Idhna town and Hussein Atbeesh from Hadab al-Fawwar village.

Meanwhile, a horde of settlers last night hurled rocks at Palestinian vehicles traveling on the Ramallah-Nablus road near the illegal settlement of Eli. Several cars reportedly sustained damage in the attack.

In Jerusalem, Israeli police forces stormed Hizma town and kidnaped five teenagers from their homes.

Source: The Palestinian Information Center


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