ICSPR release that murdering Palestinians reflects Israeli deliberate commission of war crimes – In Palestine Today

ICSPR release that murdering Palestinians reflects Israeli deliberate commission of war crimes

Occupied Palestine (In Palestine Today)_ The International Commission to Support Palestinians’ Rights (ICSPR) said in a press release that murdering children and women and the bombing of homes over the heads of their residents is a well-established military doctrine of the Israeli occupation that reflects its deliberate commission of war crimes.

The Israeli military operation in the Gaza Strip is escalating in an unprecedented way, amid the exacerbation of the humanitarian crisis due to the tight siege imposed on the Gaza Strip by closing all border crossings, which threatens to repeat the same ugly scenes that the Israeli aggression carried out in 2014.

ICSPR reaffirmed the right of the Palestinian people to resist the occupier by all available means, as a right recognized in international law.

It also emphasized that the Israeli military doctrine has diverted civilians and their properties to legitimate targets, and warns of worsening the humanitarian situation in the Gaza Strip in light of the continued military escalation, and the threat to expand these operations and the accompanying stifling siege measures that affect all aspects of life for Palestinian civilians.

Moreover, ICSPR deplored the continuation of the international and regional conspiracy of silence over the heinous crimes committed by the occupation authorities.

The commission called on the states contracting to the Fourth Geneva Convention to declare a clear and explicit position on Israel’s refusal to abide by and implement the agreement in the Palestinian territories.

It also calls on the Palestinian leadership to break its silence and line up with its people, by stopping security coordination with the occupier in the West Bank, and empowering citizens to fulfill their rights in confronting Israeli crimes.

ICSPR urged the international movement of solidarity with the Palestinian people, as well as all Arab, regional and international organizations, to move on all legal, political, diplomatic, human rights and public levels, to ensure the protection of Palestinian civilians in the Gaza Strip.

Source: Safa


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