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Hundreds rally in Tunisia in support of Palestinians

Tunisia (In Palestine Today)_ Huge demonstrations in solidarity with the Palestinians were held in Tunisia on Wednesday against the backdrop of the Israeli bombing of the blockaded Gaza Strip, Reuters has reported. Protesters called on the People’s Assembly to approve a bill criminalising normalisation with Israel.

The demonstrators raised Palestinian flags and chanted slogans to express their support for Palestine and to condemn the military offensive, which has killed and wounded hundreds of people.

Tunisia’s parliament issued a statement on Tuesday expressing solidarity with the people of Palestine against “the brutal aggression of the usurper  that has targeted the Palestinians in Jerusalem, Gaza, the West Bank and [Israel] causing destruction, displacement, Judaisation and brutal and racist terrorist acts targeting Palestinian civilians.”

In a plenary session, Tunisian MPs condemned the Israeli army attacks. They described the ongoing military operation as “brutal” and “terrorist”. The MPs also condemned the “settlement policy, siege, and racial discrimination practised by the Zionist entity against the Palestinian people.”

Source: Middle East Monitor


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