72% of Democrats support bill demanding to condition military aid to ‘Israel’ – In Palestine Today

72% of Democrats support bill demanding to condition military aid to ‘Israel’

Washington (In Palestine Today)- A new poll has revealed that 55% of likely voters and 72% of Democrats support a bill demanding to condition military aid to the occupation state.

The poll, conducted by Data for Progress, revealed that a majority of likely voters and Democrats support a bill proposed by Rep. Betty McCollum and co-sponsored by Rep. Ilhan Omar, which calls for restricting the Israeli use of US military aid funding in order to prevent Israeli violations of the Palestinian people.

The survey, which included 2,100 likely voters, asked those surveyed if they support new legislation, which would stop the occupation state from spending US taxpayer dollars on the military detention of Palestinian children, the seizure or destruction of Palestinian property and homes, or support for Israel’s annexation of Palestinian territory.

Last April, Congresswoman Betty McCollum introduced the “Defending the Human Rights of Palestinian Children and Families Living Under Israeli Military Occupation Act”, building upon legislation she introduced in the 115th and 116th Congresses to promote the human rights and safety of Palestinian children.

McCollum’s legislation prohibits the occupation state from using US taxpayer dollars in the Occupied West Bank and the eastern part of Jerusalem for the military detention, abuse, or ill-treatment of Palestinian children in Israeli military detention, to support the seizure and destruction of Palestinian property and homes in violation of international humanitarian law, or, to extend any assistance or support for Israel’s unilateral annexation of Palestinian territory in violation of international humanitarian law.

“U.S. assistance intended for Israel’s security must never be used to violate the human rights of Palestinian children, demolish the homes of Palestinian families, or to permanently annex Palestinian lands,” McCollum said. “Peace can only be achieved by respecting human rights, especially the rights of children, and this includes the U.S. taking responsibility for how taxpayer-funded aid is used by recipient countries, Israel included. Congress must stop ignoring the unjust and blatantly cruel mistreatment of Palestinian children and families living under Israeli military occupation.”

“I strongly believe there is a growing consensus among the American people that the Palestinian people deserve justice, equality, human rights, and the right to self-determination. The unprecedented endorsement of this bill by human rights organizations as well as Christian, Jewish, and Muslim organizations is indicative of an energized movement in support of human rights for Palestinians. It is time for Americans, especially Members of Congress, to stand with Palestinians and Israelis who seek a future of peace and justice.”

Source: QNN


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